The Defence Picture Library was formed in 1984 and supports clients across the media spectrum who produce books and magazines as well as advertising agencies and corporate clients in the defence industry. The library supports academic research projects, universities and has supplied the UK Ministry of Defence and Nato with imagery.


In addition the Library has been commissioned on several occasions to provide photography for key recruiting and doctrinal brochures. The Library’s collection covers all aspects of the world's armed forces in the air, on land and at sea.


DPL’s photographers were among the first into liberated Kuwait City in 1991 and

regularly commissions staff to cover conflicts and humanitarian operations. From

the streets of Belfast, the first picture of the Russian Beluga class submarine

to Bosnia, Kosovo, Sierra Leone, Iraq and Afghanistan our photographers have

provided extensive coverage.


DRA Publishing, our sister company, produces military titles, as well s doctrinal

publications for the MoD and most recently in 2015 completed a series

of post-operational brochures for British Army units returning from operations

in Afghanistan. DRA’s most recent publications include the History of the

Territorial’s, The Battle for Helmand, Go to it and Bad Company.



British paratroopers from 3rd Battalion The Parachute Regiment landing at Suez in 1956, the last major airborne assault. Picture ABF/DPL

The soviet research submarine Beluga, which had a 'closed' propulsion system. Pictured shortly after the end of the Cold War. Iain Ballantyne/DPL

Royal Navy Sea King helicopters drop UK special forces into the British Embassy in Kuwait at the end of the first Gulf War. Picture Mark Burban/DPL

British troops pictured during operations in Helmand, Southern Afghanistan, during a deployment in 2008. Picture Andrew Chittock/DPL

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