RAF Tornado fighters are deployed with the Coalition campaign against Daesh (Islamic State) in Syria and are due to be retired from service next year. Andrew Chittock/DPL




HRH Prince Harry inspecting the Royal Marines in his Army Air Corps uniform. He has since been appointed Captain General of the Corps replacing his grandfather.

Guy Channing/DPL

The British Army now has some of the most advanced 'soldier protection'  in the world. Called Virtus, it includes body armour, new helmets and equipment carrying system.

Jim Gallagher/DPL


The new SA80 A3 is the latest upgrade to the British Army assault rifle, which was  introduced as a replacement for the SLR in the 1980s. Bob Morrison/DPL


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The Defence Picture Library was formed in 1984 and is supported by a pool of photographers across the globe. They cover events and exercises as well as deploying to areas of military conflict and humanitarian support. DPL images are used across the spectrum of the media, from academic reports and doctrinal publications to promotional publications and advertising. You can order a print copy of our latest colour brochure highlighting our collection by sending an email to: dpl@defencepictures.com a digital version is available as well.

HMS Ocean, the former Royal Navy helicopter carrier and amphibious assault ship, which has been sold to the Brazilian Navy as part of cutbacks. Stephen Jagger/DPL


RAF Hercules C130J on short-finals as the aircrew come into land. The C130J is being replaced by the Airbus A400 transport plane.

Paul Turner/UpcottDPL







The first historical account of the UK's intervention in Afghanistan from the initial deployment to Bagram, Kabul and Kandahar then into Helmand. Packed with pictures and first person accounts as well as many unseen pictures. This A4 full colour coffee table has a foreword by General Sir Nick Carter, the head of the British Army, retails at £25 and is available on special offer at just £15 (including post and packing). To order your copy email office@dramedia.co.uk or call direct on 01752 403333 and pay by card.

Focus on Iraq



UK and US forces spearheaded the assault into Iraq in 2003. US forces seized Baghdad while the British took Basra in the South  During the invasion US forces wore chemical warfare clothing and weeks after the invasion insurgents started to attack Coalition forces.In Basra the UK mounted road blocks and deployed Warrior APVs on the streets. It was an operation that was to endure for many years.




Focus on Sierra Leone



In 2000 British troops from the Parachute Regiment were sent into Sierra Leone to mount an evacuation of British nationals. The troops were then tasked to mount a stability operation to prevent armed gangs, called the West Side Boys, from attacking civilians. Later a second mission was mounted to rescue soldiers of the Royal Irish Regiment who had been taken hostage.





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