The Ministry of Defence has held a unique demonstration of new innovative equipment that could support tactical capabilities across the military. Hundreds of items were on display at the military's own gadget show from folding ladders, to a tiny helicopter drone and a revolutionary machine that can generate 1,000 litres of water a day from humidity in the atmosphere. Other proposals included a specialist roping system which allows soldiers to abseil 'hands free' and fire their rifle and an electronic system which can identify a sniper's position within a second. Personnel from The Mercian Regiment,  RAF Regiment and 45 Commando spent a month testing the gadgets on Salisbury Plain with some items expected to be in service within the next few years,


Pictures by David Pimbblet/DPL







HMS Lancaster, a type 23 frigate has been towed into Plymouth to commence a major refit. The Duke class frigate has been in 'extended readiness' for the past year at Portsmouth along with the Type 45 destroyer HMS Dauntless. Dauntless is due to commence a maintenance period of Portsmouth. Following her refit Lancaster is expected to be one of the key escort ships for the new HMS Queen Elizabeth aircraft carrier.


Pictures by Raymond Wergan/DPL







Hundreds of British troops are due to deploy to Estonia to support a Nato reinforcement mission across the Baltic States. At least one squadron of Challenger 2 tanks are scheduled to support the operation which has been listed as  the UK;'s Enhanced Forward Presence. The arrival of Belgian and German troops in Lithuania in January 2017 marked the first deployment of NATO’s Enhanced Forward Presence (EFP). While this relatively small conventional force faces multiple challenges in its role to provide a minimum credible deterrent in the region, it also offers a unique opportunity to improve the interoperability of NATO’s land forces. After the arrival of four battalion-sized battle groups to Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland by May 2017, NATO will have deployed some 4,000 troops to the region as part of the EFP.


Pictures by David Pimbblet and Bob Morrison




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